The association is registered in the Municipality of Žalec at the address Šlandrov trg 1. The founding members are Ljubo Kumer, Sabrine Andrini and Luka Brinovec. In 2018, the association consisted of 29 members. Activities took place in the area of music, photography, and sports.


photo: Oskar Kandare

zYpper is an association for the development of music and social culture, which unites and connects various social groups at the musical, artistic, sports level, and the level of healthy body and mind. We are connected by a mission to create opportunity for each and every part of the world, especially where people lack creative freedom. Our mission is to encourage this creativity, and that is the reason why we organized ourselves into formal society.


photo: Oskar Kandare



tree of life_bw.jpg

photo: Sabrine Andrini

Become a member/donor

The membership fee for new members is 20 € per year and can be redeemed as a voucher for activities developed by the zYpper Association. As our mission is set for the general social benefit and its development of the region, we will also be happy to receive donations from legal or natural persons. We invite business partners who care about the development of society to participate. For more informations and help:

Tree of Life - zYpper BeachVolly Turnir - Zupanc Plac

Do you like to have fun and express yourself creatively? Do you like sports activities, socializing, helping others and you care about the social development of the region? Are the values and mission of zYpper  close to you? Then you are invited to a community that enables the development of various social activities, creative potentials and a healthy mind and body.

Transfers for members

Memebers Fee per year: 20€

New members: Fill the form "Accessible statment and send it on email:

Existing members: We'll inform you about subscription


Funds are collected by:

Drustvo zYpper

Slandrov trg 1

3310 Zalec


The transfer account number is:

BANK: Delavska Hranilnica d.d.

TRR: IBAN SI56 6100 0002 0725 367


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Become a


Transfers for donors

We recommend that you contact us first unless you wish to remain completely anonymous.

Funds are collected by:

Drustvo zYpper

Slandrov trg 1

3310 Zalec


The transfer account number is:

BANK: Delavska Hranilnica d.d.

TRR: IBAN SI56 6100 0002 0725 367



Purpose: Donation fee


Donations in crypto

Donate crypto coins or tokens as much as you feel you want.

Addresses are below.

With your donation you  helping  us to  keep doing  what we really love. Check out web page & our participation to our region and electronic music community all over the globe.

We recommend that you contact us first unless you wish to remain completely anonymous.

Thank you for your support!

We accept coins and tokens at this addresses:

- BTC: bc1qwtnl4lcj6j2s9vxjezrsawwwaax4jljcz6pdal

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Why zYpper was created?

The savinjska Valley was known for unforgettable parties and Cocktail bar LePlac that was a real trendsetter in the electronic music scene. After the closure of LePlac, the club scene either started to fade away or began to develop in a new way. Memory of unforgettable experiences still pervaded the community. Close friends (Silverj, Podgy, TJ) decided to revive them in early 2015. -in the beginning just for the small group of friends and supporters. They came up with the idea to organize a private party for friends and colleagues. The idea immediately gained widespread support and zYpper was born. They created a community by Generation Y for Generation Y. None of them could imagine what followed. later on.

Second zYpper

A sequel immediately followed, dating on Friday the 29th of May, 2015. It was held at Platinum Žalec and imarked by a friend Florian celebrating his birthday. This zYpper already contained a slightly more elaborate vision and put forward the idea of creating a zYpper community of friends and their friends. The intention was to create a kind of series of events in the modern house scene with a greater degree of privacy. They would be organized four times per year for a limited number of people in a very relaxed atmosphere. The great feedback whipped up the decision to move forward. They started long-term development of zYpper and prepared things for launching the domain in autumn.

Second zYpper on two floors


First zYpper

They set a date on Friday the 20th of March. Location was Brunarica Braslovče. They planned a private party at a  mysterious location that was revealed a day before the event of classics house music took place. Guests could come to the event by invitation only and by pre-subscribing to the guest list. The event was insane. After a long time, all the friends and colleagues joined in one place, listening to the music they grew up with. After the party they messaged over and over again: "We have to do this again!" And that was the time first thoughts and reflections on how to move forward appeared.

First zYpper on two floors

Real excitement followed when they launched the website and announced the autumn version of zYpper on two dance floors. The next date was Friday the 16th of October, 2015. Location was Lovski dom Založe. For the first time, we invited other artists to participate, and among them was the legendary resident of LePlac and later on a resident of Dance Republic events, Dean Deen. Carinthian DJ Klemenz also responded to our invitation. Today, he diligently develops the electronic music scene on the British radio SoundWave Radio with his show Afterdark House with Klemenz. The second dance floor was represented by the real legends of the Slovenian trance scene, among them being Reaconceal, Naian, and the more progressive Mitcho from the Carinthian team Crazy4Life. The atmosphere was memorable. From there on, the name zYpper began to spread rapidly throughout the Carinthian region.

After a very successful autumn version of zYpper on two dance floors, they decided to repeat the same story with a new DJ. Dated on Friday the 18th of December, location was Zupanc Plac Šešče. The name of zYpper spread like wildfire throughout the Savinja Valley. The guest list was filled with guests four days before the event actually took place. Rapid growth brought first serious logistical problems and problems with illicit substances. In spite of awesome atmosphere, we faced some problems and prepared ourselves for the next one. We affirmed clear position on banned substances and reorganized the entry rules and updated the guest list system.


Anniversary one year

Dated on March 18, 2016, location being Brunarica Braslovče. They went back to where it all started. This time they moved back to the classics of clubhouse music and added a live instrument to it. They invited a special guest, Katy Starr, and got impressed by her positivity, singing, and playing the flute and saxophone. The atmosphere was unforgettable and is still remembered by many today. We also invited DJ Ted Funke for the first time, who is already reaping the fruits of his efforts and tracks, being at the top of the Beatport music charts for more than a week.

zYpper on NSF2016

On Saturday the 20th of August, in the middle of the summer heat, zYpper received an offer to set up its floor and concept at the now-famous Nature Sound Festival. Location Braslovče MotoLux camp. The atmosphere throughout the festival was great. It hosted the legend Marko Nastić as well and left behind a great memory. First outlines on how to develop zYpper in the future were made.

zYpper in Carinthia

The initiative came from the Carinthians. The reason was that they were numerous at the zYpper events in the Savinjska region. Decision was easy for the sake of getting closer to them. On Friday the 18th of November, the location was Ribiški dom Dravograd. We invited Klemenz to be part of the organization team, because he was already a permanent resident at zYpper parties at the time, and from then on the host of Carinthian version of zYpper parties. They started reaching a wider audience, the visit being more than expected and  the atmosphere was great.

They experienced a faller

As always, the pleasant moments are accompanied by a few bad ones. It was difficult to swallow them, but we have moved on easily, fortunately. The second event was set on Friday 17th of March in Carinthia. However, it had to be canceled due to various circumstances and above all due to low participation. In response to that,, we decided to rather focus on development of the home floor scene and move the vision of zYpper development to other regions somewhere in the future, when the conditions would be more suitable and favorable.

Urban zYpper

There was a long desire to slowly move zYpper to more urban parts of the Savinja Valley. Location: Pušn 'Šank pr' Tina Celje. Date: Friday the 28th of October. A close friend Urška Novak from the Gath hair salon was invited to participate and warm the stage with her creations of hairstyling. The highlight of the night was unique Pequeno Urban on Congo drums, accompanied by the legendary DJ Grobowshek from Kranj. The music was great. At the same event it was announced that the next zYpper event would be in the Carinthia region for the first time.


zYpper BoilerRoom

Again the urban location of Pušn 'Šank pr' Tini, Friday the 20th of January. To the surprise of all the guests, we staged a brand new zYpper party setup with Artikus team, based on the BolierRoom concept and combined it with the initial idea of zYpper, which was spinning that real Oldies Goldies music for the soul. Great atmosphere, great vibe.

zYpper on NSF2017

Saturday, 8 July 2017, at the Festival of the sound of nature as a new location in the middle of nature and far away from anyone around. This time the zYpper floor is the highlight of the festival, as the line up includes legends of electronic music that have not been presented to local audiences for a long time. The atmosphere is phenomenal and full of new expectations.

zYpper for the Savinja River

Being a huge logistical challenge, a lot of our knowledge and energy was necessary here. In terms of organization, everything was made from scratch for this nice sunny Saturday. The event took place on July 29 on the banks of the Savinja River in Šešče. It was like by the sea,  enjoying the sunshine, fresh water, cocktails and club music. It was great. The party started at 11 a.m. and ended at 10 p.m.. It was one of the most beautiful and pleasant experiences that could last forever.

Winter edition of zYpper

Saturday, the second of December, Zupan Plac Šešče. They re-developed the story on two dance floors and this time upgraded it with trance legends. One of them was a well-known DJ from Celje, Reconceal. The atmosphere was incredible and you can find a hint of it on footage of videos still circulating on social networks to this day. They finished the party when the sun started to rise.

First OG - zYpper Open

They continued with the long-term vision. "zYpper Secret Location" concept of parties, where the location is disclosed only to invited party guests, was now joined by "zYpper Open Location," where the location and concept are known and open to all without limitations. On Friday the 28th of September, they developed a new brand name OG, which stands for Oldies Goldies and was brought under the auspices of zYpper Open Location. This event moved the entertainment in Celje to a higher level and spiced it up with art and style. They enriched it with the music of an excellent tandem from Italy, Paolo Barbato and Alex Donati. More information is on the website

zYpper eXclusive radio show


Autumn version of zYpper

Dated on Friday the 6th of October, the location was Brunarica Braslovče. As befits autumn, this time we warmed up appropriately by roasting some chestnuts, toasted with must, cooked mushroom soup, and then slowly proceeded with the party, which was enriched by the legend of club life, Funk33. With this event, zYpper presents its new visual image for the very first time as well as a new website that contains intriguing tabs and updated logo. Thanks go to my friend Matic, who developed and put it into a multi-functionality form. At the same time, Maruša and Sabrine joined the zYpper team with fresh ideas.

zYpper Savinja River 2018

Dated on Saturday the 28th of July, location was Letuš. Once again, they launched an event that was a real challenge. Weather conditions were turbulent in the summer of 2018 and it was impossible to make forecast. A strong desire drove away all the clouds and all guests were able to enjoy the summer version of zYpper, which was a nice surprise for some of the swimmers passing by as well.

Official society zYpper

On October the 1st, zYpper became an official entity under the name "Society for the Development of Music and Social Culture zYpper", registered in the municipality of Žalec. The vision of the association is development and presentation of electronic music to a wider audience, artistic development of various cultures, socializing, sports activities, educating and encouraging young people and all those who love dance, music and gathering.  zYpper, with its activities, clearly follows its vision that was outlined already at the time of its establishment. Therefore, we invite you to join us if zYpper values are close to you, and if you feel that you can contribute to the social development of our region in the listed areas. You can contact us via e-mail

Since the very beginning, music was the main reason for us spending time together. The number of music compilations increases with each live event. It starts as a collection of CDs that is followed by online clouds. Recently, an idea about exclusive compilations recorded by DJs who regularly hosted at zYpper events was put forward. It presented the very unique sound of zYpper. From there on, Silverj pushed the vision and ideas of zYpper to the next level, and created a radio show. He named it "zYpper eXclusive". Soon it received public media attention by the most recognizable radio station in the region, Radio Fantasy. The show is now scheduled every Friday at 8 pm. Source:

Absolut zYpper

In cooperation with the Absolut brand, they launched the zYpper Secret event that was marked by new decor image. Event was held on Saturday 24th of November. They invited one of the most famous DJs present in Slovenia for many years. Dave Manali was the right choice, conjuring up a very nice atmosphere. The event took place in the Platinum Club Žalec.

Last OG in the season 2018/19

The story of OG said goodbye to residents Paolo Barbato and Alex Donati in an unforgettable atmosphere on March 22 in the 2018/19 season. This time, the duo was joined by top violinist Simone D'Eusanio, who created a unique and unforgettable vibe of violin inserts. The story continues in the 2019/20 season and they cannot wait to reveal the resident DJ of the next season.

New season OG - Jerry Ropero


The story of OG has entered a new season, upgraded significantly by a legendary DJ from Spain, Jerry Ropero. Google search tells us that Jerry is a renowned DJ that travelled the world. The event was held in the club Mansion in Celje with an incredible atmosphere on the dance floor. This time an exhibition included photography by three new photographers (Peter Mandelc, Rok Deželak and Sašo Berlovčnik. In addition, Sabrina Andrina contributed some of her top paintings. She was involved in sharing works of art since the very beginning of our exhibitions. Each photographer enhanced the event through black and white photographies with underlying yellow element. The story of OG of course continues;)

Sports activity - Volleyball

We realized that many of our members love volleyball and spend a lot of time on various beach volleyball courts during the summer days. In the light of our desire to play, we agreed with the Šmartno ob Paki primary school for booking the volleyball court on Sundays from 18:00 to 20:30. A regular and relatively constant visit is proof that we are conscientious and passionate volleyball players.

Christmas OG

Meanwhile, the story of OG continued and evoked feelings of the remarkable Christmas atmosphere, which remained a pleasant memory of many. Alongside, visitors were able to see art exhibition before, during and after the event, certainly gaining a lot of attention. Through the course of the night, Italian residents Paolo Barbato and Alex Donati were joined by a real saxophone virtuoso Lovro Ravbar. The atmosphere was unforgettable. The story continues.

Redesigned zYpper website

The website has been redesigned, its content revealing new information about what zYpper is, about its history, future plans, and what its mission is. We look forward to the future and want to add to a wider regional development in terms of gathering, art, electronic music, entertainment, and active sports life. We focus a lot of our energy into promotion as well. Everyone who resonates with the values of zYpper and wants them to develop further is invited to join the community.

Volleyball at OŠ Prebold 

This year they also became active in sports activities. The main part of these actions goes to Peter Mandelc who took over the management part of volleyball. The recreation was moved to the Prebold primary school at 8 pm every Thursday. They did not finish the season due to the health situation of Covid-19, but they successfully played a few matches in the Celje indoor volleyball league and successfully fought in the tournament in Prebold under the name Petrin Memorial.

Manage two playgrounds

The new summer season brought some challenges regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, but they were still actively involved in playing beach volleyball. In mid-July, they signed a two-year contract with the municipality of Polzela on the management of two beach volleyball courts. Despite bad weather and dificulties at one of the playgrounds, they managed to use the second one impeccably. Establishing perfect conditions on both volleyball courts is in the plan for the next season 2020/21

Preparing for the beach volleyball season



Volleyball at the OŠ Trnava 

They started the winter season of volleyball with serious intentions. Due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, they were forced to relocate to Trnava primary school and change the time of their recreation to Fridays. After two sessions they were forced to suspend recreation until the health situation improves. They are waiting until then.

After a long winter, we rushed this season with the preparation of beach volleyball courts. We have prepared them for the season and activated close cooperation with the municipality of Polzela in several areas of our operations. Thus, in June, we appeared in the media for the first time in the municipal bulletin Polzela, in which we announced our activities in the field of beach volleyball and tournaments in the field of sports and socializing.