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zYpper Dance is a project that guides young people and young at heart towards a healthy way of having fun, connecting, and enjoying music. Dance can be expressed in different ways, electronic house music being one that allows freedom of movement for an individual or a couple. Currently, we express ourselves through dance in various ways only within our own organized events. We want to encourage more dance activities over time and make connections to various projects within our community.





Electronic oldies goldies house music inspires a nostalgic feeling in a person. It is full of recognizable melodies and pleasant vocals that can take almost anyone back to the years of 1997-2004. At that time this type of music was still very underground, or even completely incomprehensible to the majority of audience. However, this same electronic music became so popular over time that many next generations danced to it. OG is a concept of entertainment that is for everyone, who likes to relax and dance to the songs they enjoyed  in the magical nights of their youth, as well as for those who simply find it familiar, even though they were not part of it in the very beginning. Welcome to the dance groove of OG parties. ;)

zYpper secret location is the best choice of entertainment in modern electronic music, ranging from funky house to deep house or tech-house. These are the genres that take the audience into the world of movement with their energy, and through dance expression into a memorable sphere that will stay in your memory for days. At zYpper Secret Location parties, we want to create a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy musical rhythms and set up new trends in the electronic music scene.



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