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zYpper Music is a project that introduces electronic house music to its audience. Genres that belong to this group are vocal house, soulful house, funky house, deep house, progressive house and also tech house to a lesser extent. Our mission is to connect all lovers of electronic house music. We connect DJs, listeners, promoters, animators and virtually everyone who feels the house rhythm and melody. We are active in various fields, including event organization, radio shows, music production, combining DJs of similar genres, as well as marketing and PR communication.





zYpper Secret Location events are held at a hidden location that is revealed to visitors one day before the event. These types of parties have a four-year tradition. 2-4 parties are organized annually. Guests can come to the event by invitation only, either receiving the invitation by the organizers or other guests who have already been invited to the party. Prior registration to the Guest List is required via the form on the website. Guests then receive information about the location of the event via SMS. Our parties are in line with the house rules that match our principles.

zYpper eXclusive is a radio show dedicated to the development and presentation of electronic house music. The first show began broadcasting in October 2018. It is broadcast live on Radio Fantasy in Celje every Friday at 20:00. It consists of a one-hour set of pure music by resident DJs or supporting DJs who, with their experience and sense of music, know how to attract the attention of their listeners. You can listen to the entire archive of shows on zYpper's MixCloud channel. 

zYpper Open Location events are open and intended for a wider audience. The location is pre-revealed and usually thematically characterized by different genres of electronic house music, artists' own brand names, and/or guest DJs. The goal of these parties is primarily to develop electronic house scene and to provide relaxed atmosphere for all fans and supporters. Promotion of events is done either commercially or by word of mouth.

OG is a brand that falls under the auspices of zYpper and belongs to the Open Location group of events. It was developed specifically for an audience enjoying older house music from 1998-2004. Brand's name OG is an abbreviation of Oldies Goldies. All information can be found at The concept of OG is designed as a trilogy, thereby organizing three events in one season that take place from September to March. The first one was held in the 2018/19 season at the Mansion Club in Celje.

The zYpper music lab is a project meant for the most passionate electronic music lovers. Basically, zYpper Music Lab helps you perfect your musical skills, the emphasis being put on spinning music. Music labs are currently in the promotional phase. They bring together all those music lovers who want to become a DJ.  In the future they will be able to learn the basic skills and also professional relationships on how to become a DJ.

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zYpper eXclusive is a weekly show broadcast on Radio Fantasy, which is one of the most popular radio stations in the Celje region. It airs every Friday at 8 pm and lasts for one hour. It features clubhouse music with more gentle and melodic vocal genres, such as a classic house, soulful, disco, or more lively rhythms such as house, funky house or afro house. Here and there it delves into more underground genres such as a deep house, progressive house and tech house. All these genres can be heard at zYpper secret or open location events or all related events of other organizers in Slovenia. In each radio show, an experienced guest DJ, who is also regionally recognizable, would record one-hour set of an exclusive selection of pieces. There are big names, who have reached international audiences among our guest DJs.


The editor of the show is Silverj, who prepares content for the show and manages it technically. He is constantly on the lookout for Slovenian DJs who want to represent house music and plan to enter the international stage. You can listen to shows in the archive of zYpper's Mixcoud channel. Click here.

This Friday at 8 pm (UTC +1) on • Radio Fantasy •

Archive of all shows on • MixCloud •

zYpper eXclusive
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