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zYpper summer is a story of summer that adorns everything summer has; the pulse of nature where the eye reaches, the warmth of the sun on the skin, the feeling of wind in the hair, and the freshness of the water on the body. Everything that zYpper has managed we combine into one story, which we will certainly upgrade and develop through the summers of our lives. Join us and complement it with your unique energy.


zYpper Castle is a story that revives the time of castle parties behind mighty walls and reveals the already forgotten secrets of life at that time. Given the mystery of the afterlife and the multiple reincarnations, many of us were certainly part of a castle experience in a previous life. Join us and relive it. You may even wake up with a long-erased memory.


zYpper Secret is our longest-running story with which we began our founding journey. A mysterious party about which we do not reveal anything until you come to the event and relive it in your skin. Everything is hidden in a pile of secrets that follow one another, and the main guide is socializing, connecting, and electronic music. All you have to do is ask a friend who knows zYpper for information. Join your closest friends.


OG 23.12.2023-01.png

OG is a brand that falls under the auspices of zYpper and belongs to the Open Location group of events. It was developed specifically for an audience enjoying older house music from 1998-2004. Brand's name OG is an abbreviation of Oldies Goldies. All information can be found at The concept of OG is designed as a trilogy, thereby organizing three events in one season that take place from September to March. The first one was held in the 2018/19 season at the Mansion Club in Celje.


zYpper OPEN is a sporting event that we develop in the spirit of a healthy body, competition and socializing. We place great emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, which is extremely important for people, so we at zYpper are quite active and want to include a wider population in the sports life. Join us and put your physical health first.


zYpper eXclusive is a radio show about electronic music in which we exclusively playsets with many DJs from Slovenia and abroad. The show began operating in 2018 on Radio Fantasy frequencies and by 2020 had generated 140 shows. Currently, the show in zYpper eXclusive is dormant, but we have the opportunity to continue this interesting story.

zYpper Classic is a show about classical electronic music that marked the year 1995-2008. The very famous sound of electronic music today is very close to the style of music from that oldies goldies time. The show is created by the founder of the association zYpper - Silverj and enriches Friday evenings with a more than one hour-long set. Switch to Radio Fantasy frequencies at 8 p.m.


zYpper strives for a more solidary society. For this reason, we decided to creat zYpper Fundation. We found inspiration in good work by Aleksander Reberšak. The aid is intended for the family in question, which needs help in the current month. We decided to take € 1 from each purchased zYpper merch in our online store and transfer it to the donation fund. We also deduct € 1 from any paid activity organized by the zYpper association publicly or within the members of the association.

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