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He has been present in the club's nightlife for many years, experienced many clubs, some in Slovenia and abroad, where he played either as a guest or resident DJ. He is the founder of the HouseFeel brand, OG, and co-founder of the zYpper brand, for which he has been working intensively in the last few years. He is the editor of radio show zYpper eXclusive on Fantasy Radio, a multitasking personality, an entrepreneur, and experienced  organizer  of events and logistics expert. Music, marketing and also visual communication,  signing  contracts and graphic design are just some features of the wide range of his expertise.

He looks forward to several future projects and implementing them step by step. He is an ardent advocate for healthy lifestyle, healthy mind and body, an active athlete, and a proponent for life without illicit substances. When we ask him about music, we quickly realize that electronic music is his home, joy, and relaxation at the same time. He gives special emphasis to the real house sound that some call "classic", consisting of melody, good bass line, groove, and vocals. That is why his sets are a mix of carefully selected sounds that represent freshness in contemporary club’s music. He also believes that music can convey a certain message to the audience, bringing about euphoric excitement and emotions through melody and vocals. His knowledge of music and his feeling for the audience consequently resulted in him diving into music production. His first piece “World hold on” was released in its original form on the “Choon” platform and represents all that he is, thinks, and feels. Recently, he further polished the piece and perfected it into an even better version, together with his friend Dino DZ. Its background story appears to be a psychological novel that opens our eyes, spirit, and promotes a different way of thinking.

podgy 1_bw.jpg

An eminence of nightlife and entertainment that has been present in club life for almost two decades. He is one of the few DJs who still spin on turntables and is consequently a keen fan of gramophone records, which he regularly adds to his collection. He says that melody is the most important thing in music, so he plays an extremely `full` house, be it vocal, deep, tech, tribal, pumpin`, or progressive.

He followed his style since he was young, for he comes from a family where virtually everyone, his father, brother, and sister are musicians. He first worked as a DJ in 1999, joining the group PartyHouse DJs. He then went to the faculty in Maribor, where he began to gain new experience in the club ŠTUK. Very early on he felt love for gramophone records and bought his first gramophone. He borrowed a few records, rehearsed for a few months and turned himself into what he is still today - a true lover of house music on good old vinyl records. Soon he also stepped into organization, where he knew how to create a story that the audience would love. He is a co-founder of the zYpper story, to which he contributed mostly in the initial phase, when it was most important Today, he is a proud dad and participates as often as he can.


DJ, producer, editor, and host of the weekly show After Dark with Klemenz on London's Soundwave Radio. Already in the '90s, he connected with clubhouse music and to this day he has played his specific sound, which is intertwined with soulful, disco, deep tech, and afro house. First, he started with a simple mixing desk and two cassette players at private parties. Today he is a guest in clubs, at festivals and, not long ago, he was on tour in the Republic of South Africa.

After quite a few years of working behind the mixing desk, the time has come for him to dive into music production as well. He started with the hits of bootleg tracks, followed by the production of famous remixes, one of them being released on a compilation by the French label “Disco Balls.” Until recently, he was the editor and host of After Dark with Klemenz on London's Soundwave Radio under the auspices of the largest and most famous afro house radio station Drums Radio from the UK. There, he hosts the weekly live show fAfreeka with kLEMENZ˝ and the Saturday show on West Side FM from Johannesburg called Do it for radio heads. His love for music and Afro style is invaluable and closely connected with the zYpper project. We invite him regularly to participate as an artist, for his style fits perfectly into the concept of zYpper.

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Jerry ropero _ BW.jpg

We could write endlessly about Jerry Roper, but focusing on how many songs has he produced in his thirty-year career as an active DJ and producer, we get the answer: “I don’t know! Maybe over 800!?! Please check on Google". He is a renowned producer, DJ, mentor, and a consultant with wide experience in all areas of the music industry. We are very happy for him to join the zYpper family and become part of the story we are writing. :))

paolo barbato_bw.jpg

As for as Paolo Barbato from Italy is concerned, we would need more space to tell everything.  To sum up his extraordinary life story, he has been creating at the electronic scene at home and abroad for almost three decades, he has performed with world-famous artists, he is a producer of pieces that regularly appear on the Traxsource platform. In person, he is a very relaxed company, who enjoys each moment. We are glad that he became a member of the zYpper story.  :))

Alfred Azzetto 2 B&W web.jpg

A DJ and producer of Italian descent who has been present in the electronic house scene for over thirty years. He came to fame after the release of the song Point of View in the joint project DB Boulevard. The song topped almost all of the world’s most acclaimed charts. He has released over 540 singles and remixes. We are proud that he accepted participation in the show zYpper eXclusive and contributed his musical soul to it. :)

SA BW 1 copy.jpg

In a joke, not long ago, they calculated that Stanny Abram could spin almost 10 days long with his original pieces only. You could say he is a real marathoner and unstoppable at music production. He can hardly live without music, which has unfolded some real spectacular stories for the past 30 years of his life. His biography is an extremely interesting read, which shows his life path  vividly. At the same time he is a super nice person. We are glad that he joined us. Enjoy. ;)

_DSC9598retouhed2 web copy.jpg

He is a cool Italian guy with a very good selection of house pieces, and above all, a distinctly developed sense for audience on the dance floor. He has been gaining his knowledge ever since 1997, when he first appeared at the Gavioli Embassy. To this day, Dave Manali has a very rich career, working as DJ and producer, always perfecting and developing for the next chapter. His music and energy are the main reason that he became part of the zYpper story. We are very happy to help him develop it.

Dino DZ_bw.jpg

A production guru who spends a lot of time in the studio, making music. He started working with Ted Funke concidentally, with whom he made a joint project and merged it into a series of successful pieces. This resulted in a breakthrough on renowned record labels and charts of the most acclaimed house platforms. The story is just beginning to unfold for him and looks very promising. In his company, one is very relaxed. He gladly shares a lot of his knowledge about music. We are glad that he became part of the zYpper story. ;)

SIBBJAG_Photo_6 web.jpg

A true lover of house music & a collector of vinyl records who instantly inspires you with his passion. He puts most emphasis on the groove in tech-house rhythm. According to him, his mission in house music is to put a part of himself into it. He shared the stage with big names like Tom Novy, Alex Kenji, Fedde Le Grand, Mike Vale, Mousse T, & others, and performed in the most famous clubs across Europe. He is a great acquisition for the zYpper story & we are looking forward to his sound. :))

mojfokus-lab-doctors (37)a web.jpg

A DJ and producer who recently started working under his new name and immediately received strong support from various record labels. He worked under the name Devious before that and was a member of Lab Doctors. His sets are energetic and full of harder tech-house sound that entwines into a beautiful rhythm that leaves noone indifferent. Felman has a promising future and belongs to the zYpper story because of his production and energetic pieces. ;)


He found inspiration at home, following the footsteps of his father, who is a big fan of house music. You could say that he is an undiscovered pearl of Gorenjska. Despite his young age, he already has quite a few production pieces of his own. Because zYpper supports and brings together all house lovers, Markizzeti is just right for us. His sets are incredibly energetic and perfectly intertwined with bass lines, melodies, and vocals. We welcome his style that fits perfectly into the zYpper story. ;))


A legend who comes from Carinthia, he is one of those who has been dedicated to electronic music with heart and soul for more than two decades. He always surprises with his choice and performs his sets perfectly. He keeps the dance floor warm with emotional music that will linger in your memory long after the party is over. As a person, he is extremely relaxed and always open to others. We are glad that he responded to the invitation and is involved in the zYpper story. ;)

_SA_7499 web.jpg

Domi has charted his path of spinning music in a very demanding and technically perfected way. His desk looks like a spaceship, full of unusual appliances that reproduce sounds and cause effects, which raises the question to many:  "WHAAAAT ??? !!?"  zYpper think that a talent like Domi needs an opportunity to present his knowledge to a wider audience. We are very happy that he joined us and presents his masterpiece every now and then. ;))


Beat Amusement comes from Kranj. He is another diamond in terms of music production that spends a lot of time in the studio. If you take a closer look at his work environment, you will find that he is a true technological freak, who incorporates exceptional components, intertwining cables from one apparatus to another. At the same time, he is a nostalgic man and a big fan of vinyl records. Being an excellent producer, he has already released several songs. You can enjoy listening to them in the mix he prepared for us. ;)

Sylvain web.jpg

DJ Sylvain is one of the Slovenian legends who does not need to be presented in particular, having a vast array of achievements and being amongst the most responsible for the development of club music in our country. Today he is very active on radio and he is the owner of the show DJ Sylvain in the mix on radio Salomon. As with any name that joins the zYpper story, we are also very happy for Sylvain to contribute his club energy. ;)

A6bw copy.jpg

It will soon be two decades since he set out on the journey of electronic music harmony. Starting as an extremely young artist in 2005, he has performed in as many as 20 countries around the world. Aney F still has a long way to go. After many years of production and DJing, he founded his own label, Innocent Music, continuously creating and developing electronic culture. He is an exceptional talent and DJ, for whom we will hear a lot more. Above all, we will dance to his music on the dance floors around the world. Enjoy its sound. ;)

Ted funke.jpg

Ted Funke comes from Maribor. He has been present on the electronic scene with his funky house style for more than a decade. Recently, however, he has started a new chapter. On the list of Slovenian DJs, he became of the more promising artists. He collaborates with Dino DZ on the production of their own songs, enjoying good reputation around the world. In person, he is incredibly fun, has a lot of knowledge and is always open to new adventures. We are happy that he has been part of the zYpper story for a long time. ;)


Once a techno DJ who, after a slightly longer break, changed his view of electronic music genres and became part of the house family in 2018. His style is close to funky/classic and tech house rhythm. We could write a lot more about him, but it will suffice to say how much he impressed us at the Glitterbox event in Ljubljana. Afterward, we send him an invitation. We are glad that he joined the trip with zYpper. ;)


He comes from Celje and has a history of incredible parties in almost all the most visited Slovenian clubs. He is known for having an extremely good feeling for music, mixing and people. A master of spontaneity, he is able to wipe the dust off some classics and mix them with the modern house sound. As a person, he is an extremely entertaining and relaxed company, shares thousands of his stories and loves to enjoy his free time on a motorcycle. He fits perfectly into the zYpper story.

mthf2018 web.jpg

His long-term persistence on the scene only tell us how much he loves music. He comes from Maribor, the Styrian capital, where he certainly contributed the most to the development of the house club scene. His sets are a real specialty as he always adds unique elements and soul to them. He can turn famous hits into a great undergound sound. He belongs to the zYpper family because of his uniqueness and we are glad that he responded to our invitation. ;))

Blasch BW.jpg

He is a big fan of electronic music for decades. He creates unique, but technically perfected music. His sets are full od nice surprises and a colourful range of different melodies. Coming from Zasavje, he is a member of ZasavjeUnderground, which has been active for almost two decades. They combine the best of music and add freshness to the club that fans of electronic music always crave for. We are happy for him to collaborate with the zYpper family.


A DJ with an exceptional feel for house music. His sets could be described as an emotional interweaving of content, story, melody, and vocals. He has been regularly present in clubs for more than two decades, filling the dance floor with his lively style. He is extremely active in the production and has a full archive of his specific sound at home, but has not yet released it for the audience. As a person he is extremely kind and full of humor. He is a true "Primorec" who lives in Ljubljana. We are glad that he is with us regularly. :)


Coming from Gorenjska, he is not only an excellent DJ and producer who is completely dedicated to house music, but he is also very successful in the business world. Already in 2010, he and his partners designed the booking agency United Events, which has access to highly recognizable names of electronic music scene. He enjoys spinning and production as well as touring Europe and Asia, where he performs. We are glad that he joined us and helps to develop house culture at home in Slovenia. ;)


A promoter and a true legend of the house scene, who is able to conjure up that real emotional atmosphere on the dance floor with his energy and great choice of house music. He has almost three decades of experiences and developed a good sense of understanding the audience, which is reflected in his sets. He is a very open person, a proud father who loves to take refuge in music and share it with his audience. zYpper is the right place for him, where like-minded musicians gather. ;)


A professional piano player, who has an extraordinary talent for house music. He has been on the scene for almost four decades. His experience is evident in his sets, which are full of content, as he takes time for each set and puts together his selection of the best house pieces that leave a special impression on him at a given moment. Otherwise he is very fun and open, willing to talk about music for hours. We are glad that he is part of the zYpper story. ;)

zYpper eXclusive


zYpper eXclusive is a show about electronic music presented in a one-hour mix with various DJs. It airs every Friday at 8 pm on Radio Fantasy. More ... 

You can listen to the history of the shows at zYpper Mixcloud channel.

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