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Welcome to beach volleyball tournaments in Polzela Municipality. Summer 2023 gonna be fun and it will satisfy your summer needs for sun, sand, socializing, and sports. Find and choose your best match combination.


Choose the best option. You will find more information in the form. Each tournament will start with a different schedule, rules and playing options.


Great and calm house music throughout the day, supported by zYpper Music by local experts of the house genre. All food and drinks will be provided. 



The playground is located in the sports complex on Breg near Polzela and very close to the Savinja river.


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The main prize is the NEW official professional beach volleyball ball: Mikasa Beach Pro BV550C. It will be awarded to the player who accumulates the highest total points from all 6 tournaments.


  • Each player in the team receives points based on their ranking in the tournament, ranging from 1st to 8th place.

  • Points are cumulative, meaning they are added up throughout the 6 tournaments.

  • The player who participates in all 6 tournaments has more chances to win the main prize.

  • Points distribution for each player: 1st place (12 points), 2nd place (10 points), 3rd place (8 points), 4th place (6 points), 5th place (4 points), 6th place (3 points), 7th place (2 points), 8th place (1 point).

  • The winner will be announced at the end of the season, specifically at the final tournament, zYpper OPEN in the 2023 season.


Here is a list of all the players who ranked from 8th place and above in the zYpper OPEN tournaments in the 2023 season. The main prize for the winner is the Mikasa Beach Pro BV550C. The prize will be awarded at the final tournament of the 2023 season.


Register for the tournament and get all the information about


For the fans, we have a competition that showcases loyalty to a team or individual. It will be awarded to the person who collects the most "lines" at the bar. The rule is simple: Each drink is worth one "line," and when ordering a drink, you decide which team or individual to award your "line" to.

The first trophy went to...

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zYpper OPEN 2023 _01.png


Choose a date and fill out the registration form. More information about the start and other details you can find in each tournament separately.  


Benefits for players
• 8€ worth of drink vouchers
• each player receives one lunch (with multiple meal options available)

• social activities (DJ's, hanging around)

• full-day beach volleyball tournament

Team registration
• registration fee: €13 per player for club members (paid membership for 2022/2023), €18 for non-members of zYpper club.
• beachvolley tournament: 16 teams (max.) or 48 players

• the minimum number of teams required to hold the tournament is 8 teams.

• only UNREGISTERED players can sign up

• registration is possible until day before the date of tournament or until the maximum capacity is filled.

Tournament Timeline:
#Registration for the teams and players:
          • 30 min before start (be accurate)
#Team draw for tournament     

          • 15 min before start

#Beachwolley Tournament:
          • according to schedule
          • afterparty at the end of the tournament

Game rules
Beachwolley Tournament (BeachVolly rules apply)*
Regular part:
  • One sets won up to 21 points
Final fights (quarter, semi finals and finals):
  • Two scored up to 21 points, the third up to 15 points

* in case of a different timeline, the point part can be changed and played by the different rules.

Prizes (in the total value of approx. € 300

• medals for the first three places

• money vouchers of body massages by Alte Luka 
• money vouchers in the zYpper store

• the semifinalists will receive a limited edition series of zYpper OPEN tournament jerseys.• practical rewards

• Most Loyal at the Bar Trophy (Fans or Team Competition)

• The scoring for the main prize for zYpper OPEN 2023. Reward is the brand new official professional beach volleyball ball: Mikasa Beach Pro BV550C. It will be awarded to the player who accumulates the highest total points from all 6 tournaments. You can find the detailed rules on top of this site.


From each registration fee, €1 is allocated to the zYpper Charity Fund, which helps people and families in need. For more information, visit


Phone: 031005674


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