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zYpper Art is a project that focuses on creativity at different levels. It incorporates decoration as a marketing tool by means of visual communication. zYpper Secret location and the OG series of events have so far been the most visually enhanced events. It is our desire to promote general creativity within each individual and encourage him or her to do creative work. The mission and goal of zYpper Art is to bring like-minded people together to come up with new creative ideas in the sense of visual expression., either by drawing, creating unique products or interior decoration. Among the members of the zYpper association is Maja Črnila, the founder of the company Life of Wood. She is an extremely creative worker in her field, and we have already come up with some new ideas for our cooperation.





We are most proud of the OG event, which was visually perfected by means of corporate identity, conceptual coherence and meaningfulness of its idea. It turned out to be an event with strong content on all levels, from the very beginning of the party to its end. The OG story conveys a deeper meaning to a visitor, as much attention is put to the tiny details all the way from buying a ticket to having fun at the Mansion Club.

zYpper secret location events, on the other hand, have been managed differently. From the beginning, its design was still in its infancy, however, several upgrades were made recently  that have really impressed the visitors.



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