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zYpper Photo is a project that focuses on photography and creativity. Being a photographer is a unique art of expressing your perspective through the lens. The mission of this project is to connect photographers and their individual projects, and to give young people a chance to create. The goal that we strive for is to give photographers free space to create through their own eyes and create their own concept and design of photography projects. As part of the OG project, three organized exhibitions were held already, at which different photographers expressed themselves uniquely . We want to continue the story and we believe in making even more creative stories.





Currently, OG is the only project with conceptual design and content that promotes creativity and is related to an event of wider significance. We have clearly outlined the corporate image and successfully connected it in combination with music, entertainment, and photography through visual communication. We invited a young artist Oskar Kandare to collaborate on the project. He upgraded and supplemented the conceptual design of OG by his knowledge and experience in an excellent way. At the event itself, he painted and imitated the overall perfect image that enhances the OG today.

The OG Gallery, on the other hand, is a project in itself, initially conceived by Sabrine Andrini as the head of the photographic work. She created the exhibition mainly on the basis of her archive of images from various travels around the world.  Later on, she invited other photographers to participate, utilizing their photographs that ideally matched her concept of the exhibition and her visual communication. The conceptual design of the exhibition outlines her strategy to combine black-and-white-and-yellow paintings in such a way that they spice up the overall image of the OG event perfectly. The project is ready for the next phase of development for the corporate image of other products that can be part of our everyday life.



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