zYpper Sport is a project that brings together and connects sports enthusiasts and individuals who like to move and socialize at the same time. We are aware that movement contributes to a healthier lifestyle and strengthens mental health. Our activities consist of indoor volleyball in the winter and open air in the summer, whereby we gather and play beach volleyball several times a week.  Occasionally, we also participate in volleyball tournaments. We plan to organize zYpper tournaments, that will be very diverse in terms of sponsorship and organization.





Organizing tournaments under the name zYpper are our medium and long term plan of activities. Two years ago, as an informal association, we held a beach and tennis volleyball tournament for the first time under the name "Tree of Life" in Zupanc Plac Šešče. Since we are formally organized today, the decision is to organize even more such tournaments and to combine competition and socializing in a healthy sports spirit. How much we will be active is a matter of our domain and activity, and the desire is to create a series of tournaments and revive sports awareness and the awareness of a healthy mind in a healthy body.