The zYpper music lab is a project meant for the most passionate electronic music lovers. Basically, zYpper Music Lab helps you perfect your musical skills, the emphasis being put on spinning music. Music labs are currently in the promotional phase. They bring together all those music lovers who want to become a DJ.  In the future they will be able to learn the basic skills and also professional relationships on how to become a DJ. With the right time and space, we believe that we will enable a top-notch transfer of knowledge and development opportunities for every individual, either a beginner, connoisseur, or an entirely professional DJ. Join us if your heart calls you to the mixing desk, if you are interested in how to become a DJ, or if you simply enjoy spinning.

"Join the movement to meet, have fun and connect with like-minded people at various secret location events."



zYpper Secret Location events are held at a hidden location that is revealed to visitors one day before the event. These types of parties have a four-year tradition. 2-4 parties are organized annually. Guests can come to the event by invitation only, either receiving the invitation by the organizers or other guests who have already been invited to the party. Prior registration to the Guest List is required via the form on the website. Guests then receive information about the location of the event via SMS. Our parties are in line with the house rules that match our principles.

zYpper eXclusive is a radio show dedicated to the development and presentation of electronic house music. The first show began broadcasting in October 2018. It is broadcast live on Radio Fantasy in Celje every Friday at 20:00. It consists of a one-hour set of pure music by resident DJs or supporting DJs who, with their experience and sense of music, know how to attract the attention of their listeners. You can listen to the entire archive of shows on zYpper's MixCloud channel. 

In connection with the zYpper photo project, hikers can also express themselves through photography, capturing the exceptional views. The pictures in the zYpper Hike section were contributed by Denis Bosek, who already enjoyed the pleasant and serene mountain views. Join us also in music lab project  ;)

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